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Looking for an interpreter for your business meeting or conference?

Need a written translation?

Then look no further.

No more gobbledygook from online translation tools. No more elaborate games of charades just to get your message across.

With my help you’ll hardly even notice the language barrier.




Are you planning a business trip, trade fair visit, lunch meeting or appointment at a government office and you want to be sure nothing slips through the cracks? I’m here to help. I also interpret at lectures, seminars, training sessions and other events.

How does it work?




I can translate your advertising materials, professional publications, web articles and other texts as needed. I also offer website localization and video subtitling. I translate from English, French and Swedish into Czech.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The first step is to call or write me so we can determine what kind of translation or interpreting you need. Every case is different, but in general the process goes something like this:


– You need an interpreter? I’ll be wanting to know where, when, what topics and which languages.

– Consecutive or simultaneous? We’ll discuss whether you need simultaneous interpreting (listeners wear headsets to hear the interpreter), consecutive (the speaker and interpreter take turns talking), liaison (the interpreter accompanies you and interprets as needed), or a combination of the above.

– We work out all the details.

– Preparation: You need to prepare for your meeting or conference, and so do I. To make sure things go smoothly on the big day, I’ll need some materials from you in advance.

– Event interpreting: if all goes well, the interpreting will go so smoothly that after a few minutes you’ll forget about the language barrier completely.


– You need a translation? In order to set a price for your project, I’ll need to see everything you want translated.

– What do you need the translation for? I’ll want to know how you plan to use the translation. Will it be posted online, printed in a catalog or filed as your company’s internal guidelines?

– We work out all the details like format and due date.

– The translation phase: I get to work translating and you put the whole thing out of your mind so you can focus on your own work.

– Done! You get a ready-to-use translation: I can send you time-stamped subtitles, files for your text editor or graphics program, or upload them to your website for you.

How much will it cost?

You can expect the following prices for translation and interpreting:*

– 1 day of consecutive or simultaneous interpreting will cost you EUR 400

liaison interpreting by agreement

– assignments under three hours are billed at half the day rate

translations are billed by the word: starting at EUR 0.12 per word for English and French into Czech and EUR 0.14 per word for Swedish into Czech

* Prices listed are for guidance only and may vary based on turnaround time, format, highly specialized texts and other factors. For a specific price calculation, please contact me.

What does all this mean in practice?

A basic translation of this website from English into Czech, for instance, would cost about EUR 70.

Interpreting at a three-hour meeting with a business partner would cost EUR 200.



About me

I enjoy teasing out other people’s thoughts, whether on paper or in front of a crowd. This means one day you might find me dressed up at a conference, the next day wearing a hard hat at a construction site, and later in the week typing away all day at my computer. No matter where or how I work, however, my goal is always the same: to choose just the right words so that your message shines through.

Give me a call and find out for yourself.

Would you like to know more about my education and experience? Please see here.

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